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The purchase process in three short steps

Acquire a shelf company in less than 24 hours

Thanks to VRB you can reserve a suitable shelf company in the morning and have it authenticated in the afternoon. All we need is a completed questionnaire and a purchase price guarantee. 


Acquiring a shelf company in three steps

1. Reservation

Reserve your company online quickly and at no cost. Or call us and our friendly staff will be happy to help you choose a company with a suitable account model.

You will then receive an e-mail from us setting out the key data and documents about your company, bank account details, a draft purchase agreement and our questionnaire.

To acquire the company, you will need to send us the completed questionnaire and arrange payment or the provision of security for the purchase price.

If the company is ultimately not required, we will cancel your reservation at no cost. This gives you maximum flexibility in planning your projects.

Reserve a shelf company now


2. Purchase price payment

Many purchasers find it easier and quicker to transfer the purchase price directly to us in advance. The payment details in that respect will be sent to you with our reservation e-mail.

Alternatively, the purchase price can be deposited in an escrow account of a German lawyer.

Finally, in many cases securing the purchase price in the form of an undertaking on the part of a German lawyer or notary to assume liability is sufficient for us, i.e. a German lawyer or notary assumes joint liability for payment of the purchase price. We will send you a corresponding proposal for the wording in the questionnaire.


3. Notary appointment

To authenticate the contract of purchase and sign the commercial register application, you arrange an appointment with a notary of your choice. You agree on any required changes to the articles of association directly with the notary’s office.

We will send the sale documents to the notary’s office by courier as soon as we have received the completed questionnaire and the purchase price has been paid or secured. The notary receives the power of attorney required for the authentication in advance by e-mail so that it can be authenticated immediately.

Following the authentication appointment, the notary makes arrangements for the amendments to be entered in the commercial register. You will immediately have full legal capacity for the company without liability risks.

FAQs about the process of acquiring a shelf company

  • How can I dispose of the account or the company’s share capital?

    You can deal with your shelf company’s account at your leisure following the acquisition: Depending on the account model you choose, you can take over the shelf company’s existing account or open a new account at your own bank, and cash the order cheque there. We will provide you with a checklist for the details of the account takeover or use of the order cheque

  • Will someone from VRB attend the notary appointment?

    We do not personally attend the notary appointments, but are represented by a person who you state in the questionnaire as a holder of a power of attorney. We send our seller’s power of attorney with the sales documents directly to the notary’s office, and additionally by e-mail in advance, so that they can be authenticated immediately at any location in Germany.

  • Who on behalf of the buyer needs to be present at the notary appointment?

    As a matter of principle, the purchasers and new managing director attend the notary appointment. However, a simple process is possible, including if not all persons involved are present. 

    The purchasers can be represented. If they are private individuals, or a German company, a power of attorney signed in a private capacity is usually sufficient. 

    If foreign companies are involved, the certificates of representation and, if necessary additional powers of attorney that are required, should be clarified in advance with the notary’s office. Depending on the country of origin of the acquiring companies, certificates of representation with an apostille may be required. 

    The new managing director must personally sign the commercial register application before a notary public. The managing director cannot be represented because of the assurances contained therein. However, this application may be signed at a later date and at a different location, irrespective of the sale date. The managing director may also provide a signature abroad. 

  • Do I need to wait for the amendments to be entered in the commercial register?

    You will immediately have full legal capacity after acquiring a shelf company and the amendments have been registered with the commercial register. You can commence business activities and enter into contracts in the name of the company –  without the risk of personal liability. Consequently, there is no need to wait for the amendments to be entered. 

  • How long does it take for the amendments to be entered in the commercial register?

    The period for entering amendments varies depending on the competent registry court. As a matter of principle, it can be accelerated if the notary’s office agrees to pay the court costs. Otherwise, you will need to wait for, and settle, an invoice for the court costs, which slows down the process. 

    Delays may occur if the registered office is simultaneously transferred. If a quick entry is required in a particular case, delays can be prevented by amending the commercial register application. Please discuss the details directly with the notary’s office. 

VRB’s advantages

  • A leading provider with more than 20 years’ market experience 
  • Owner-managed by licensed lawyers
  • Our clients can contact us personally
  • Optimised and flexible processes
  • More than 8,000 sold shelf companies
  • A wealth of experience with holding structures and individual solutions
  • Suitable transaction power of attorney for your clients
  • Wide range of German legal forms at various locations

We are happy to help you.

Angelika Teichert and Nadine Karsch
030 / 27 90 74 60

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Angelika Teichert and Nadine Karsch
030 / 27 90 74 60

Send request

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You set up the bank account of the shelf company following the purchase. Select the right bank and account model that suit you or your clients when reserving the company. 



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